Bandcamp Crawler Results for 2018/5/31

Best New Releases in All Genres: Shows all results for any genres that earned more than 20 registered supporters.

General: pop, rock, shoegaze, new-wave, surf, surf-rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, noise-rock, power-pop, dream-pop, dreampop, postrock, mathrock, math-rock, emo, gothic-rock

Content Standards and Representation: canada, ottawa, hull, gatineau, francais, francophone, french, female-fronted, femme, feminist, indigenous, native-american, native, queer, trans, lgbt

Jazz: jazz, jazz-fusion, swing, jazz-and-improvised-music, free-jazz, improvised-music, improvisation

Traditional: folk, dream-folk, gothic-folk, neofolk, country, alt-country, bluegrass, indie-folk, folk-pop, folk-rock, americana, folk-punk, acoustic

Classical: classical, orchestral, neo-classical, chamber music, classical-piano, contemporary-classical, baroque, opera, choral, modern-classical

Electronic: electronic, glitch, glitch-hop, downtempo, beats, idm, edm, ebm, darkwave, coldwave, trip-hop, footwork, juke, breakbeat, jungle, dnb, drum-and-bass, house, trance, uk-garage, dubstep, post-dubstep, breakcore

World: world, world-music, soca, calypso, compa, reggaeton, salsa, merenge, roots

Blues: blues, blues-rock

Funk and Groove: funk, disco, groove, nu-disco, soul, neosoul, neo-soul, doo-wop, afrobeat

Urban: hip-hop-rap, hip-hop, trap, cloud-rap, instrumental-hip-hop, beats, experimental-hip-hop, boom-bap, rnb, reggae, dancehall, rocksteady

Loud and Punk: punk, metal, garage-punk, crust-punk, industrial, d-beat, hardcore, hardcore-punk, thrash, death, doom, sludge, black-metal, thrash-metal, death-metal, black-metal, doom-metal, sludge-metal, riot-grrrl, queercore, skramz, screamo, metalcore

Experimental: avant-garde, experimental, progressive-rock, rock-in-opposition

Number of albums represented in this report: 3153

Number of albums in the report for the first time: 3153